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How My Life Changed

Perhaps the possibility to effect changes in one’s life always exists, if we recognize those opportunities when they cross our paths. For me, the seed of change was sown during my first energetic healing treatment. I knew nothing about energy fields but when my friend offered me a treatment, I agreed. The actual treatment didn’t take long, but I never forgot the way I felt afterwards. A rare sense of calm and, for a while, everything was right in the universe. There was no need for words.

Twelve years later, coping with a very stressful work situation, I thought about my life. I remembered that feeling of serenity and searched the internet for an energy course. I wanted to learn more. I told myself my motivation was altruistic. I was in denial that I needed any healing. I thought of healing in a physical sense. Give the issue time, it will get better and go away.

My healing journey began in earnest the day I walked into a Healing Touch class. In the last seven years, I have learned about various healing modalities, taken classes, received treatments, given treatments and expanded my perspective to think of life and relationships in terms of energy. Emptied of those old wounds and fears, I have rediscovered that calm place. That place without the need for words is also a place without fear, the place where love and joy resides.


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