Intuitive Counselling

Intuitive Counselling is the process of interacting and meeting with a trained Intuitive Counsellor to identify unhealthy patterns that could be limiting you in achieving your goals as well as discovering and changing beliefs and thoughts that interfere with your ability to be happy and confident. Intuitive Counselling offers tools and techniques that support you in letting go of blocks that might be keeping you stuck, unproductive or disconnected from yourself. During an Intuitive Counselling session, the Intuitive Counsellor integrates his or her intuitive abilities as a tool, to support you in making positive and lasting changes using a holistic approach.


Benefits of Intuitive Counselling from the perspective of several clients:

  • Received an understanding of what to do about a conflict they were having with a co-worker

  • Understood the dynamics of a negative interaction with a friend and learned a way to interact that promoted a healthy friendship

  • Identified a tool to improve their marriage

  • Explored the physical, emotional and spiritual cause of imbalances in their health

  • Discovered what was keeping them “stuck” and how to move forward

  • Overcame the fear of letting go of the past

  • Found ways to live in the present



  • need support in making positive and lasting changes

  • want to live from purpose

  • want help in establishing healthy relationships

  • want to be empowered to live your dreams;

  • want assistance with letting go of limiting beliefs and patterns

  • if you want to improve your life for any reason


Then call Sandra for an Intuitive Counselling session. Sandra Couts MSN,RN, CHTP is a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Mental Health and a Certified Intuitive Counsellor.

Sessions are offered by phone, Skype or in person.



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