Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping


Did you know that it is possible to let go of and take the intensity and charge out of past events, trauma, nagging memories, regrets, and


Are you aware that there is an effective way to not live from a place of fear and to stay out of the pattern of “flight, fight, or freeze”?

Does the idea of freeing yourself from anxiety, mood swings, hostility, jealousy, and unresolved issues from the past appeal to you?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or tapping) is a powerful tool for living in the moment. If the questions above resonated with you and you’re ready to commit to your personal growth and well-being, EFT is well worth looking into.

EFT/Tapping Defined

Susan Bushell, Master EFT trainer, defines EFT as “an Energy Meridian Tapping technique that allows negative emotions to be released from the Human Energy Field and subsequently from the body. It is based on the discovery that when focusing on a negative feeling or event while tapping acupressure points the “charge” of the event or feeling disappears because the neural patterns to the memory of that event have been calmed. Once the negative emotion is no longer resonating, positive changes and choices seem possible which would have otherwise been challenging. Simply put, EFT is acupressure for your emotions and limiting beliefs.”

Why I believe that tapping is a powerful pathway to self-discovery and emotional freedom.

  • Tapping is an energy modality that combines the wisdom of Chinese acupressure and modern psychology to clear, release, and move stuck energy by using your fingers to tap on specific meridian points, thus the name tapping.

  • Another name for tapping is Energy Psychology because tapping focuses on emotional challenges that need healing and release from an energetic perspective.

  • EFT is a self-empowerment tool that can be used by anyone for many situations.

  • Tapping supports us in delving into and clearing deeply hidden issues in a safe and loving way.

  • EFT connects us with ourselves in a way that supports expansion and self-love.

  • Tapping helps us to get unstuck from the pain of the past and the negative emotions attached to the past so we can live in the present.

  • EFT helps to dissolve emotional pain.

  • Tapping opens up new ways of being in the world that are not based on uncomfortable emotions or perceptions of past events that keep us stuck, such as fear, trauma, abuse, abandonment, or betrayal.

How does a tapping session work?

  1. A consent form is signed

  2. Sessions are booked for 60 minutes, 75 minutes or 90 minutes.

  3. Sessions are provided in person or with zoom.

  4. The focus of the session is decided by you. My role is to guide and support you through the tapping session following a tapping protocol according to my training.

Recommended resources to learn more about tapping include:

  • Freeyouremotions.com with Susan Bushell

  • Bradyates.net with Brad Yates

  • Thetappingsolution.com with Jessica Ortner and Nick Ortner

  • The book “The Promise of Energy Psychology” by David Feinstein, Donna Eden, and Gary Craig


If you have any questions about tapping or would like to book a session with Sandra to experience the positive benefits of tapping contact her at coutssd@hotmail.com or 905-864-4402.





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