Healthy Ways to Manage Stress
With Sandra Couts MSN, RN, EFTP

Online Interactive Course

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Healthy Ways To Manage Stress

This is a six-week interactive online course designed to give you tools to manage your stress in healthy ways. 


Components of taking this Stress Management Course: 

  • Identifying inner stressors as well as outer stressors 

  • Learning techniques that help prevent the negative effects of stress from ruling your life. 

  • Learning a specific tool to free yourself from being stuck or reacting from the flight, fight or freeze pattern. 

  • Integrating tools and techniques that support you to managing your stress in a calm and harmonious way 


Tools include: 

  1. Energy techniques such as grounding, clearing energy and energy alignment 

  2. Breathwork to support you in staying centered 

  3. Tapping EFT-to get yourself out of fight or flight 

  4. A discernment technique


Outline and Objectives 

  1. Week One: Define and identify the specific stress in your life. 

  2. Week Two: Give your stress a voice. 

  3. Week Three: Discover constricting negative thought patterns and beliefs. 

  4. Week Four: Flight, Fight or Freeze. 

  5. Week Five: Respond versus React. 

  6. Week Six: Change your consciousness to live from choice. 


Components of course: 

The facilitator is Sandra Couts MSN, RN, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Counselor, and an EFT Practitioner. As an experienced workshop facilitator, Sandra gives people the tools that foster self-empowerment and positive change. She helps people to discover their unique gifts and to face their fears and challenges with courage.


Cost of the course: $300.00 

E-transfer is the acceptable payment. 

Date and time : Starts Thursday Feb 24th and ends Thursday March 31st. The class is from 4 PM to 5 PM. 

Minimum of three people needed to begin the course. 

To register contact Sandra at 


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