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Connecting To Your Intuition

A course for people wishing to learn how to use their intuition in meaningful and practical ways

Have you ever wondered what it means to be intuitive? Have you asked yourself what is intuition? Perhaps you have had a feeling you should reach out to a friend and then she suddenly calls you. Maybe you instinctively reach out to someone and it turns out they really need your help.

Have you ever had a gut feeling to do something and you ignored it only to later regret not acting on that first instinct?

All of this is your intuition at work.

Intuition-which I define in my book, INTUITIVE CONNECTIONS A FIVE STEP PROCESS TO EMBRACE YOUR INTUITION, as “the direct knowing or learning of something without the conscious use of reason” is often unacknowledged and diminished in our culture.

The truth is that being intuitive is normal. Everyone, including you, is born intuitive, in the same way everyone is born with the capacity to communicate. In fact, intuition is a powerful tool that can enrich every area of your life.

That is why I am so passionate about my work helping people to strengthen their intuition. In my eight-week program, Connecting to Your Intuition, I can teach YOU how to understand, listen to, discern and trust your intuition so you can act on it with confidence to significantly enhance the power and flow in your life.


What you will receive by taking this course:


#1  Six in-person GROUP sessions


Week one - defining and normalizing your intuition - You will gain a better understanding of what intuition is while breaking through some common misconceptions that keeps your intuition on the “fringe”. The result is that you can begin to benefit from your intuition as part of your normal, everyday experience.


Week two - managing your energy field to support being intuitive - You will be given the tools to manage your energy field to support the use of your intuition.


Week three - how does your intuition speak to you - You will discover several ways your intuition speaks to you.


Week four - connecting with your intuition - You will practice different ways to connect with your intuition.

Week five - discerning between your mind and your intuition - You will learn how to discern between thoughts generated from your mind and true intuition.


Week six - integrating your intuition in your daily life through trust and courage - You will learn how to integrate your intuition into your daily life through trust and courage so you can consistently put this skill into powerful action whenever you need it.



#2 Two one-on-one sessions with me during the course


Session 1 (taken sometime during the group course)-provides individual support in defining and using your intuitive abilities that is unique to you.

Session 2 (taken within two weeks following the group course)-Builds further on what you have learned, gives you the opportunity to ask me questions, provides further clarity of how to apply your intuitive skills in your life, and supports you in clearing any blocks that might be interfering with trusting your intuition.

#3  A copy of my book, Intuitive Connections: A Five-Step Process to Embrace Your Intuition


You will come away with:

  • New tools you can use in making decisions in any area of your life

  • A clear understanding of your intuitive abilities and how to use them

  • More clarity and ease when it comes to managing and finding intuitive solutions to challenging situations

  • A greater sense of enjoying your life as you let go of the need to control or have other people or situations be a certain way

  • A deeper connection with your intuition that enriches your life


To register for this life-changing course:

Contact Sandra at 905-864-4402 or

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