Integrating Intuition In Your Life

With Sandra Couts MSN, RN, CHTP, EFTP

Online Interactive Course

An eight week interactive online course to connect with your intuition with Sandra Couts MSN, RN, CHTP, Accredited EFT Practitioner


Have you ever had a gut feeling that tells you to call someone, stop at a certain store, or go home immediately? You later discover the reason you had that gut feeling and are really happy you listened to your gut feeling. Another word for this gut feeling is called your “intuition”.


Intuition is the direct knowing or learning of something without the conscious use of reason. When you use your intuition, you connect to a place within yourself that transcends your mind, body, and emotions.


Your intuition is a valuable and important part of who you are. When you learn to connect, trust and follow your intuition, you can expand and enrich your life.


In this eight week course you will be given tools, techniques and opportunities to:

  1. Connect with your intuitive self

  2. Discover ways your intuition talks to you

  3. Learn to discern between your intuition and your mind

  4. Identify your intuitive abilities specific to you

  5. Trust your intuition

  6. Listen to your intuition

  7. Strengthen your intuitive abilities

  8. Integrate your intuition in your life



About Sandra Couts MSN, RN, CHTP, AEFT Practitioner

Sandra is an experienced workshop facilitator. She has a passion for helping people develop their intuitive abilities. She uses her skills to empower others to be true to themselves, make positive and lasting changes and have fun while doing it.



Location: Online with zoom


Date and Time: TBA Meets once a week for one hour for eight weeks.


Cost: $452.00


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