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Healing Touch

Healing Touch - a path to wholeness and balance.

Do you want support with?

  • Getting a good night’s sleep?

  • Decreasing any physical or emotional pain or discomfort?

  • Calming your nervous system?

  • Preparing for and recovering from surgery?

  • Becoming pregnant and the birthing process?

  • Strengthening your immune system?


Healing Touch is an energy therapy in which HT practitioners connect with a healing energy that flows through their hands to your body using gentle hands-on healing techniques. These non-invasive techniques can clear, revitalize, and balance the human energy fields. These energy fields, though not typically visible to the naked eye, are an important part of our health, how we interact with our surroundings, and even who we are. Through Healing Touch, harmony is restored in the energy system in a way that promotes self-healing.

The exciting news about Healing Touch is that its results are based on scientific research. Some of the research shows that HT is helpful in promoting relaxation, reducing pain (including headaches and back pain) and managing stress. It can also be effective in speeding tissue and bone healing, and strengthening the immune system.

Some examples of where Healing Touch is used include before and after surgical procedures, during pregnancy and the labor and delivery process, and for the relief of headaches and back pain. Healing Touch complements conventional health care and is often used in collaboration with other approaches to health and wellness with effective results.


Healing Touch techniques commonly used to support the healing process include:


  • Lymphatic Drain: purpose is to flush and clear the lymphatic system - very beneficial in restoring the immune system

  • Pain Drain: purpose is to help remove physical or emotional pain or congestion from the energy field - beneficial for pain relief

  • Mind Clearing: purpose is to promote relaxation and to quiet and focus the mind - benefits can include mental clarity, headache relief, and a sense of peacefulness

  • Chakra Spread: used in times of transition and change - such as during the birthing process, making a job change, beginnings and endings, the dying process, and achieving your goals.


What to expect during a Healing Touch session:

  1. You will be given a short history and consent form to complete and sign.

  2. We will discuss what you are wanting from the Healing Touch session.

  3. You then will lay on a massage table with your clothes on.

  4. Your chakras will be assessed using a pendulum per HT protocol. Chakras are the “hubs” of the human energy field.

  5. Depending on your goals for the session, the appropriate HT hands on healing technique will be used.

  6. Your chakras will be re-assessed using the pendulum at the end of the session.

  7. You will be given tools and suggestions to learn how to keep your energy flowing and your chakras balanced at the end of the session.

  8. Make an appointment for your next session if you wish.


Sandra Couts MSN, RN, CHTP is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner. To book your appointment and experience Healing Touch, contact Sandra at or 905-864-4402.



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Healing Touch

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