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Aligning With Your Soul's Purpose

What am I doing with my life?

What is my unique purpose?

Am I living on purpose?

What is getting in my way of having the job or career that I want?

Why do I keep attracting unhealthy relationships?

What are my strengths and gifts?

What are the core challenges specific to my life?


Aligning with Your Soul’s Purpose is a program designed to support you in finding answers to these important questions. Knowing your purpose and why you said yes to coming to the earth at this time is a valid and essential question. Living with purpose enhances your life and frees you to enjoy life and to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I believe that everyone has a purpose and everyone has come in this life to discover and live that purpose. No one purpose is better than any other purpose and it does not serve you to compare your purpose to anyone else’s. Behind every purpose lie deeper spiritual reasons, opportunities, gifts, and challenges as to why you were born. The more you are in alignment with your purpose, the happier and easier your life will be.

I developed this program to help you clarify and understand your purpose so you can consciously be in alignment with it. This gives you the freedom to be all of who you truly are.

During this four- week program, we will meet in person or on the phone for one hour to:

  • Clarify your purpose

  • Explore the deeper meanings for your life, your career and your relationships

  • Discover your unique gifts

  • Uncover your challenges with a way to accept and transform them

  • Align you with your purpose



What you will receive:

Week One: Career and relationships - Working from an intuitive and energetic perspective we will identify your purpose in regards to your career and relationships.

Week Two: Physical, Emotional and Mental Challenges - The focus is on discovering what you have come here to change, transform and expand.

Week Three: Gifts, Opportunities and Spiritual lessons - We will identify your unique gifts, how to use them, what opportunities await you and identify what your spiritual lessons are.


Week Four: Tools for alignment - I will provide you with the insights and tools to support you in aligning with your purpose


You will come away with:

  • A clear understanding of how to live from purpose

  • A new way to live that integrates love and acceptance

  • A solid way to embrace your uniqueness

  • A deeper awareness of how to stay in alignment with your purpose

To register for this phenomenal program:


Call Sandra at 905-864-4402 or email Sandra at

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