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For Women

I encourage you to embrace your power through a Healing Touch session. I can help in the areas of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, Menstrual Pain, Menopause, Pregnancy, and Fertility.


Using Healing Touch, I will help you to be balanced physically, emotionally and spiritually by working with your energy field in conjunction with your traditional medical practitioner.


Together we will:


Balance your energy

  • The chakras are energy centers that are directly connected to your energy system and to your physical body. When your chakras are balanced, the energy flow needed to support your pregnancy can flow evenly and fully. This is known as making a Chakra Connection. It’s a full body technique that facilitates movement of energy from one chakra to the next.


Quiet your mind

  • Together we will balance the energy flow in the brain and quiet the mind. This will decrease anxiety, improve sleep and promote relaxation. This is referred to as Mind Clearing, and it addresses common concerns during PMS and pregnancy.


Zone in on spiritual wellness

  • As a Healing Touch Practitioner, I will relieve any physical or emotional congestion in your physical body and your energy body. I use a technique referred to as Magnetic Passes during a Healing Touch session to ensure any physical, emotional or spiritual imbalances are restored to balance.


Elimination of physical or emotional pain

  • A Healing Touch technique called Pain Drain is used to release physical and emotional pain. The physical body and the emotional body can experience an overload of change and adjustment due to hormonal changes. The Pain Drain technique supports your body and your being in letting go of the pain, whatever the source may be. 


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