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Connecting to Your Intuitive Self

A 14 Week Online Program with two Modules

My intuition is a very important and significant part of my life. I use my intuition every day and I have learned to trust my intuition with amazing results. I cannot imagine living my life without using and trusting my intuition. I believe that every person is intuitive and that every person’s intuition has its own unique way of speaking and providing guidance.

I developed my intuition through the help and assistance of two very special mentors, Dr. Caron Goode and Dr. Lesley Phillips. With the help of these two wonderfully loving women, I learned how to use my intuition in my life and the lives of others. I have developed this online course to help you and others to embrace your intuition and decide for yourself the role that you would like your intuition to play in your life. This course is being offered online and as a group so we can work together to learn how to connect to our intuitive selves and develop our intuition.

My intention is to “normalize” intuition and delete the myth that being intuitive is a gift for just a few people. Maybe we have been taught not to trust our intuition, or that being intuitive is “strange and weird,” but perhaps now, more than ever, is the time to embrace intuition and let it be visible.

And Book with Sandra

You Are Worth the Journey

How the Course Works


  • The course is divided into two modules with weekly sessions.

  • We will meet weekly via zoom (free video conference software).

  • The sessions will be recorded in case you need to miss a session or want to review the session. You will have access to the information for one week.

  • Please do not share the course with others unless they have paid for the course.

  • You will be paired up with another person in the course as your support to talk about the concepts discussed and to review your homework.

  • Weekly email support is provided.

  • You will be provided with information about the upcoming session via email on


a weekly basis.

Contents of the Course

Level One:   Learn to connect with your inner knowingness, your intuitive self, as well as your guardian angel and your spiritual guide. Learn how to trust and use your intuition in your daily life to solve problems, get insight, and enrich your life.

Week one: Get grounded and explore what it means to be intuitive

Week two: What does it mean to be a divine energy being? Learn to clear your energy field in order to connect to your intuitive self

Week three: Establish a foundation for trusting your intuition by letting go of judgement and fear and living from integrity

Week Four: The power of Discernment

Week Five: Connecting with your Guardian Angel and your Divine Guide(s)

Week Six: Using your Intuition in your daily life.

Level 2:   Learn to work with your chakras, the “hubs” of your energy field, as an intuitive source and to bring balance and harmony to your life.

Week One: Defining the chakras and techniques for clearing and connecting to your chakras

Week Two: First chakra-root chakra-being grounded-survival-physical body

Week Three: Second chakra-sacral chakra-passion-emotional body-sexuality

Week Four: Third chakra-solar plexus-power-mental body

Week Five: Fourth chakra-heart-love-joy

Week Six: Fifth chakra-throat-expression

Week Seven: Sixth chakra-third eye-inner vision

Week Eight: Seventh chakra-top of head-divinity

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