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What is an Energy Assessment?

In order to be alive, you need energy. How often have you heard someone

say, “My energy is so low today” or “She sure is full of energy”? These

common statements imply that people understand on some level that we

are capable of maintaining and holding a certain amount of energy, that,

in fact, we need energy to be alive, to heal, to exist.

Many holistic and ancient healing modalities are based on the importance and value of connecting to and understanding what it means to have an energy body and what happens to us physically, emotionally, and spiritually when our energy is stuck or out of balance. Knowing how your energy is flowing and the causes for it being stagnant or unbalanced can lead to improved health on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

As an energy and intuitive practitioner I have been trained to use my intuition and my third eye to assess the flow of energy in other people. The flow of energy is assessed from a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual perspective. The purpose of the energy assessment is to support you in understanding the root causes of any challenges you are facing in your life so you can consciously choose to let go and change what needs to be changed according to your own soul’s purpose.

Included in the energy assessment are tools and techniques that I have been trained to use that provide you with solutions, insights, ways to change, and ways to bring yourself back into balance. During an energy assessment session, information is given and techniques are utilized to support you in beginning the process of inner change. The end result is a better understanding of yourself and what is blocking your flow of energy, specific ways to unblock the energy, and action steps to take that allow you to manage your energy body in healthy and balanced ways.

Inner change can be challenging. I am here to offer my full support in your healing process and in your journey on whatever path is right for you.

What are the components of an energy assessment?

  1. The energy assessment can be done in person, on the phone, or with zoom (free video conference software).

  2. You sign a consent form.

  3. You can have an energy assessment regarding a specific issue or question, or you can receive a “general” energy assessment that does not require a specific issue or question.

  4. I connect with you energetically and provide you with information as well as tools and techniques that we use together during the assessment. This is a collaborative process of self-empowerment that also connects you with your unique inner resources.