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Connecting to Your Vitality

A dynamic program that empowers you to live your life from exuberance and vitality


Does any of this sound like you?

  • You look in the mirror and wish that you could stop time and stop judging yourself as less than?

  • You have accepted weight gain, aches and pains, and the onset of chronic diseases that seem to “run in the family” as an inevitable fact of getting older?

  • You feel like it is too late to have the relationships or job opportunities you desire-and perhaps can point to many experiences of ageism in your life to prove it.

  • You feel defined by your age.

  • The traditional concepts of retirement and “growing old” just do not fit with who you are.

  • Regardless of your biological age, you want to feel connected to your inner and outer vitality.

  • You want your cells to be as healthy and whole as they can possibly be.

If so, you are not alone. Most people struggle with the idea of getting older and everything they think that means.

But what would happen if you could let go of out-dated personal, ancestral, and cultural beliefs about getting older? What might the years ahead look like if you could transform limiting beliefs, reconnect to an unlimited source of natural vitality, and THRIVE beyond anything you have ever experienced before?

YOU CAN! All of this is possible and I will show you how in my program, Connecting to Your Vitality.


Connecting To Your Vitality

This unique nine week program will empower you to live your life from a place of exuberance and vitality.

I believe that aging is a perspective and a paradigm that can be shifted. More and more scientific research from the fields of psychoneuroimmunology, positive psychology, and quantum physics is revealing that this is so.


By participating in this program you will:

  • Learn why your date of birth is irrelevant and what -other than your age- really determines who you are.

  • · Learn how you can stop limiting your life due to your thoughts and beliefs about your age.

  • · Discover the pitfalls of thinking in terms of “anti-aging” and even “healthy aging” which will lead you to a new way of being and thinking about who you are and who you can be.

…and on a more personal level you will:

  • · Identify and clear the specific stories and energetic patterns that you have been holding in your body that are preventing you from connecting to your true and abundant vitality.

  • · Learn self-healing tools that you can use whenever you need them to clear, restore, or revitalize your energy

  • · Unlock and harness sustained energy to create what you truly want in your life.

This program is for you if:

  • You have a big vision for your life and you want to make sure you live into it.

  • · You are an athlete, dancer, biker, hiker, or are involved in any activity requiring focus, vitality, and peak performance and you want to soar beyond age-related physical and mental limitations.

  • · You want to have healthy, vibrant cells that result in radiant health and energy at any age.

  • · You long to connect with your true self in deep and meaningful ways.

What’s included in the program:

  1. Nine weekly webinar sessions.

  2. Weekly action steps and daily practices to work on that you will take away after each session to support you along your unique journey.

  3. A set of tools you can use to anchor and sustain the positive changes you will be making.

  4. Email correspondence between sessions to ask questions, deepen your learning and celebrate successes.


More about what you will uncover each week:

Week One: Developing a Vitality Consciousness

Together we begin the journey of you developing a “Vitality Consciousness”. We will explore your beliefs around the aging process and clear what blocks might be getting in the way of you accessing your true vitality.

Week Two: Matter Follows Energy / The Connection Between Your Physical Body and Your Vitality

Together we explore the importance of having a healthy physical body and a balanced energy body. We look at your current state of health physically and energetically. I provide suggestions for improving your vitality from a physical and energetic perspective.


Week Three: Maintaining Your Emotional Health to Support Your Vitality

We explore your emotional health within a safe container so you can learn to accept and express your emotions in healthy, effective ways that support your vitality.


Week Four: Maintaining and Balancing Your Energy Field to Support Your Vitality

We continue to discover the beauty of having a strong vitality consciousness by learning new skills in working with your energy system.


Week Five: Releasing Limiting Patterns and Changing Beliefs Through Lineage Work

What did your ancestors teach you consciously or unconsciously about aging that no longer serves you? Working energetically and intuitively I will help you identify, release, and change any patterns you learned from your personal lineage that holds you back from accessing your natural vitality.


Week Six: Reprogramming Your Subconscious to a Vitality Consciousness

Together we work with certain techniques to help you disconnect from cultural ideas about aging and release outmoded “programming”.


Week Seven: Inviting Vitality into Your Life by Letting Go of Fear, Pain, and Perfectionism

Together we work with specific tools that support you in releasing yourself from fear, pain, and perfectionism. The outcome is the ability to connect to yourself and to life in happiness and the freedom to be you.

Week Eight: Living from Self-Love and Acceptance

Together we will work with several different techniques that result in you embracing your vitality, loving yourself, and accepting all parts of yourself.


Week Nine: Anchoring Your Vitality Consciousness

The course is brought together so you can move forward in your life anchored and grounded in your new vitality consciousness. What joy!

You will come away with:

  • A set of simple, powerful tools and practices that you can use to maintain living from a vitality consciousness.

  • A source of renewable energy that contributes to healthy and vibrant cells.

  • A deep understanding of how to take charge of your own life that will serve you in every way imaginable.

To register for the Connecting to Your Vitality Program contact Sandra at 905-864-4402 or

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You Are Worth the Journey

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